Best Ways To Clean Your Windows

January 31, 2016

woman cleaning window glass

Cleaning windows is one of those chores that often get put off for another day, however keeping your windows grime-free makes your home look more appealing and improves your quality of life by letting more light into your rooms. Cleaning windows needn’t be a headache if you follow these simple steps to getting your glass streak-free and sparkling.


Clean From The Top To The Bottom

Cleaning from the bottom of your window to the top will leave streaks over the surface of the glass. Start at the top and clean downwards to ensure no drips.


Ditch The Cloth

To get the best streak-free finish, discard the cloth or sponge and use a squeegee. They are available in short and long-handled varieties for all kinds of window and will effectively polish all surfaces.


Clean When The Sun Isn’t Shining

The sun can dry the cleaning fluid onto your windows leaving a streaky surface. Instead, wait for a cool, cloudy day and your windows will achieve a streak-free shine.


Clean The Corners

You can remove built-up residue from the corners of your windows by using a cotton swab. This will give a professional, grim-free finish. Contact professional glaziers if the window is broken and you need the glass replaced.


Make A Window Cleaning Detergent Yourself

Rather than using store-bought detergents, try making your own. A mixture made up of 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of vinegar and a cup of water will be just as good as commercially available products and will be much cheaper.


Avoid Woodwork

If you allow too much moisture to drip onto woodwork surrounding windows, you can end up causing damage, mold and rot. Be sure to only spray small amounts of cleaning solution onto your surfaces and clean off thoroughly to avoid dripping onto window frames.

Electrical Tips

September 8, 2015


light bulb

Electricity keeps our homes and businesses operating efficiently and well because without electricity, our appliances would not work and out lives would be at a stand-still. Misusing electricity can cause serious health concerns and in some cases, lead to death. To ensure that you and your family stay safe when dealing with electricity, the following are tips that will help.

One tip is to repair or replace exposed cords or hanging wires when necessary. This is important because wires that are in poor shape can electrocute and make your home more likely to catch fire. Make sure to have some electrical tape handy at all times so that you can repair exposed or hanging wires.

Another tip is to turn off the circuit breakers immediately if you smell something burning and no one is cooking or smoking. Before turning the power back on, inspect every area of your home. When you notice that an appliance is overheating, turn it off. In addition, if you see that a plug is hot, remove it from the socket.

Most importantly, several times a year check your electrical installation. To ensure that everything is working as it should, call a professional electrician and have him check all lighting fixtures, sockets, circuit breakers and extension cords. Be sure to also get rid of electrical items that show wear and tear. Other electrical tips are: placing lamps on level surfaces and avoiding overloading outlet.

Another electrical tip is to dry off well when you come out of a shower before using a blow dryer. Sometimes when a person comes out of the shower and hurries to get dressed, he or she may unplug a blow dryer or heater and get an electrical shock. Keep in mind; when your body is still wet after a shower, an electrical shock can occur. DQ Electricals – Licensed Local Electrician experts say that one must always be watchful with small children. They may think wires are something to chew or play with.

To conclude, electricity is wonderful and efficient; however, it can prove to be deadly. Above are just a few tips that will keep you and your family safe.

Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

June 11, 2015


Tobacco use has a number of oral health issues ranging from discolored teeth, to oral cancer and to other health problems.

Smoking and Oral Cancer

An estimate of around 40 to 50% of smokers die as a result of mouth cancer. 90% of people with oral cancer are reported to have used tobacco in some form. The risk of oral cancer is significantly higher among smokers compared to non smokers. The longer you use tobacco, the greater the risk of oral cancer.

Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Smoking has been associated with over 50% of periodontal disease cases. Bone loss is part of periodontal disease. It begins as an inflammation of the gums. The bones supporting the roots of the teeth become inflamed and the underlying bone starts to deteriorate. There are some non surgical and surgical therapies which reverse or slow the progression of periodontal disease. However, without proper treatment, periodontal disease leads to tooth loss and jawbone damage.

Avoid Any Form Of Tobacco To Save Your Oral Health

Any form of tobacco has its risks. Regular exposure to any form of tobacco compromises your health. For instance, pipe smokers are at risk of getting cancer of lips. Smokeless tobacco are at a greater risk of oral cancer compared to non-tobacco users. Some varieties of smokeless tobacco contain sugar which is a primary cause of tooth decay.

Protecting Your Oral Health

Use the following principles to maintain good oral hygiene regularly:

Quit smoking:

This is essential in significantly reducing your oral problems. The risks also decreases with time when you remain a non smoker.

Brush Properly:

Most people with gum disease develop it from not properly brushing and flossing. Heat and carcinogens in the cigarettes damage your gums and mouth. Tobacco users should therefore be very careful about correctly brushing and flossing and doing so as recommended.

Get regular dental check-ups:

Regular dental check-ups are a good way of catching oral cancer early. The sooner you start the treatment, the higher the chances of survival.

Having Trouble Quitting? Regularly Visit The Dentist

Cutting up and eventually quitting tobacco are among the most essential milestones you can take to not only improve your oral health but also your overall health. Tobacco is highly addictive. People at the highest risk for oral cancer are smokers who do not visit the dentist. By the time oral cancer is detected, it is usually hard to treat. The treatments also become challenging at later stages. In the meantime, visiting the famous Balmain cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lisa Chong, on a regular helps in the early detection of gum disease and mouth sores. Consult you dentist on ways of quitting smoking or use of tobacco today.

What is Furniture Backloading Removals?

April 20, 2015

backloading furniture movers

Though furniture backloading removals has been in existence for decades, the term is however new to many Aussies in Sydney. With the high cost of fuel and direct trip price hikes, this service has been the escape for many residents. Below is a deep insight on what backloading refers to and deals with.

Backloading in depth:

When a removals truck is hired for transportation to move office furniture, household goods or other items, it is often empty during the return trip. Some people take advantage of this by having their goods transported during the return trip since there is an empty truck space for their items. This service is always cheaper and affordable and serves more than one person.

How does backloading work?

For the service, booking is essential and can be done during the last two days before the actual moving date. This allows for impromptu plans and last-minute rush since trucks on return trip are often available.

Specifying you pick-up point and destination is necessary for the return truck is on the move. They might offer door-to-door backloading while you can stand at shoulder-lie of your road where they will pick you up.Though more than one person is served, you are guaranteed quality handling and security for your items.

How to source for backloading services?

Choose a professional backloading removals company.

For quality services, choose a reliable and committed furniture removals company in Sydney that has expertise in the task. Choosing involves looking for the one with not only good trucks but experienced staff to handle your goods. Ensure too to check for their customer reviews to gain confidence that their services good as stated.

Compare prices and quotes.

Backloading should be a cheaper option than direct trips. Ask for quotes from different removalists in Sydney and settle for the most affordable but ensure the services offered are prime and best. Many removals companies have reduced prices for return trip services hence settle for the most suitable.

Visit the offices or contact using hot lines.

If in a position to contact the removals company physically, its advisable to do so. However, in not in a position, you might consider doing your booking on line or through hot lines. By doing so, you are inching closer and closer to getting this services right before you.

You should take advantage of removals companies in Sydney offering backloading services to move you items from one destination to another without incurring heavy expenses.

How To Save The Earth Through Solar Energy

March 22, 2015

solar energy banner

The current energy producing sources used around the world are inefficient. Not only do they output little energy, but they also pollute the environment.

It is said that if humanity doesn’t switch over to use clean energy, within a century the damages to Earth will be irreversible creating a state from which humanity will not be able to come back from. So to save the Earth humanity has to act now. One of the main proponents of the solution to this energy problem has been solar energy. It is not only more efficient and clean energy, but it is also renewable.

Mr. Jacob Anthony, the expert in off grid solar power in Australia has this to say – “It requires just a one-time installation cost for solar panels, and the maintenance costs of the grid are substantially low close to 0 in comparison to the total energy output.If there was a global effort to make this switch over to solar energy, things will be done much easier.”

All it takes is placing a grid of solar panels in the most strategic places on the Earth such as the Sahara desert, the Mongolian deserts, Australia and parts of Europe and the Americas.

Solar panels would be installed according to the most advanced technology and the cost should be shared among all participant countries on Earth. Then this grid’s electricity output would be routed to all countries around the world. This type of solution would change mankind as a whole as we would be able to function better as a species and society.

Humanity would be able to save trillions of dollars annually in costs related to global warming and world environment pollution. Its benefits would be felt socially, economically, culturally and in many other aspects that contribute to creating the human fabric.Also, just like when there was a major shift from analog TV to digital TV, that governments around the world distributed free converters.

The same effort could be applied once this new solar grid would be established. Governments would assist their citizens by providing energy converting capabilities in each country within all cities. They would provide technicians to do the installation and also the materials and hardware necessary to make the transition.

Governments would be able to collect electrical bills for a while until they recovered the costs of the investment. Later on, once this cost would have been paid in full, governments would be able to charge just a small maintenance fee for the electrical energy that’s provided.

It seems that the best approach to enhance this solution will be feasible and possible if governments and private organizations around the world unite their efforts. They’ll be able to combine both economical and technological resources that will make this transition much easier.

In the long run, all humanity has to win as the Earth is preserved, the global warming effect is eradicated and humanity can thrive as a whole. Whatever may be the outcome, we already have the solution. We have a God-given sun with virtually infinite electrical resources available year round that allow humanity to reach its peak state of development.

Finding the Right Removalists in Bondi

March 13, 2015

bondi removals company

Are you making a move and in need of removalists in Bondi? If you are anywhere in or around Sydney and packing up for a move, you want to be sure that you make your choice of a packing and moving company carefully. Whether you are moving your office or your home, a local company can allow you to get your things moved safely and carefully in the most efficient way. What do you need to consider when you are looking for removalists?


While cost is an important factor, you want to be sure that you get all of the details that you are paying for. From the number of removalists to the amount of time that they are going to work with you, this all goes into the cost that you are charged, so be sure you ask for a quote in advance.

Mileage Rate

Many removalist companies will charge a mileage rate if you are over a certain number of miles. That is a bonus if you go with a local company and are just moving locally, as you will most likely not have excess mileage. The removalists in Bondi will move you to Bondi and other areas around Sydney and its eastern suburbs and will give you the mileage restrictions in advance to ensure that there are no surprises.

Variety of Equipment

Do they have access to different sizes of trucks and other equipment? This is very important, as it will take much less space to move a studio apartment than it will a 4-5 bedroom unit or house. You want to only pay for what you need, rather than a huge truck that you will not be able to fill and that will just be wasted space.

Andy The Guy With A Van is one such removalist who offers you a trustworthy and dependable option to move your office or home materials, whether you are moving across town or down the street. Give them a call today to get a quote for your exciting move.

Here is a funny advert for a furniture removal company. Enjoy :)